AniWorld Apk APK

İndir AniWorld Apk Android için 2023

App By:
Demet Okur
versiyon: Android için
Tarihinde güncellendi:
Şub 10, 2023
143.1 MB
Gerekli Android:
Android 6.0 or more

The game "Match Cute Animals" aims for players to acquire points by successfully matching pairs of adorable animals. The competition seeks to successfully pair off as many animals as possible in the allotted time or until a particular score has been attained. 

Players can pair various animals, including cats, dogs, lions, bears, birds, and more. The game might also contain multiple demanding difficulty levels and power-ups to make it more engaging for players of different skill levels. 

As players advance through the levels of the game and acquire more points, they will be able to unlock more creatures and levels to go along with them. In addition to putting your memory and matching skills to the test, you'll have a lot of fun playing this game and picking up some interesting information along the way.

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