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Mar 21, 2024
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XENDER is a tool for transferring files and applications of all types of devices.

XENDER to move a file-sharing application for Android users. It can use it to transfer files over the Internet or quickly, without relying on mobile data. The users are XENDER built with the file manager. IOS, like Android, PC, and Mac, offers fine, Windows operating systems. ShareIt is the only application you are not satisfied with, so you can check it out.

Features Highlights

  • Share music, videos, and photos share mv, share portion of my list file
  • Each time any location files any sum
  • Without using all mobile data
  • 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed
  • Support Android, iOS, fine, Windows PC / Mac cross-platform transfer
  • No need for a USB port and PC software installation
  • More than 500 million users choose
  • Daily transfer more than 100 million files
  • All music and video playback
  • WiFi file transfer master

Supported languages

English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese

Main Features

1. File sharing capabilities

File Sharing Applications XENDER, application marking names with media files, music, and especially phone help you share all kinds of files, such as easy Word development files to your users. Characteristic XENDER It never finds a specific format or restrictions to share the information needed on them. The app lets you share files at an impressive speed. In addition, we share all the information about the speed, application share XENDER file, speed speeds possible, or 40 MB sharing per second. In fact, the rates are so often Bluetooth connections offered through two speeds more than any other traditional.

2. Eliminate the need for all external connections

XENDER is required through file-sharing applications and attractive feature to remove all external connections such as Wi-Fi connection or USB cable, Bluetooth, transfer files. Instead, it used to establish almost any NFC port smartphone device for data transmission. Also, the port offers enough second Xander 40 MB maximum speed data capability to allocate pressure. XENDER file-sharing programs, in some cases, but only use the Wi-Fi system to transfer files to your phone device and never access / use mobile data.

3. Never Imposes Any File Restriction on Users

There are good reasons that the technical XENDER experts consider the file a wonderful application bearing, as they are never limited to any file. Preferably, both mobile and smartphone users can share only smartphones of all types of data by installing XENDER devices. These pictures, including funny videos, portable games, and the exchange of innovative programs. The application has no specific size limit cap. Because of this, mobile phone users can use xender sharing in almost any kind of comprehensive files, full TV shows, and movies.

4. Helps in Phone Replication Smartly

The XENDER file sharing app stored by Easy steps your new outdated method with data, video games and other types of files such as SMS, contacts, music, pictures, their mobile devices; You can have a smart switch available. However, the levels of Android and the following are different in terms of iOS

5. Replication of Android or iOS

As expected, users of Android or iOS phones must do the personal hotspot feature device that you do.

Steps required
  • Friend to connect with another phone device telephone unit by following the simple steps
  • Tap on the icon or choose the name and import info option from your friends. In this case, one device is for transferring all files under approval.
  • Select the data that you need to import your girlfriend device
  • You save your friend's telephone device information on the storage option of taps.

6. Gives Support to Cross-platform Based Transfer of Files

Application Specialists provide support for shared application transfer cross-platform based files after the XENDER file. This allows you to make PC / Mac devices, tablet, and phone connections easier so you can easily share information between almost any kind of iOS, Windows and Android operating systems. 

Benefits Highlights

  • It has Bluetooth 200 times faster transfer process.
  • It's universal software - it doesn't support transferring cross-platform Windows system between Android, fine, iOS PC / Mac, and so on. Relationships between phone and tablet or PC / Mac are easy.
  • Wi-Fi networks are popular - including over 100 million files transferred every day.
  • You do not need a boring set of USBs or PC software.
  • It's secret heart works - share your photos and videos in a matter of seconds. The / s application depends on the speed of 40 MB.
  • It is multilingual. There are dozens of translations translated into application languages.
  • It's a network connection. No internet, no cables, used for all data. 

How Xender is Beneficial to Users

So far, the following significant benefits have achieved the XENDER file application following Android, iPhone users, Windows Phone, and PC transfer.

Save Cough / Mobile Data Internet

  • As already mentioned, XENDER users simply set up a hotspot host telephone video production, share each clip with video clips and photos, and transfer programs and files. In fact, it gives you the savings option of eliminating the need for an on-line connection or mobile data and thus over the internet or mobile data.

Sharing files/data on variable platforms

  • Transfer / allow XENDER file to PC, phone, and other platforms, Windows iOS, and other devices such as users share application files with different platforms, such as. In addition, in case of a PC connection, the user has to install any additional software on your computer equipment. Instead, they use the PC, the telephone device to transfer the browser's bidirectional path files while the phone is connected to the PC.

Without any limitation type / free application size of files

  • The XENDER app is available for free in the online store, and there is no restriction on the type and size of the files. For this reason, the user can send both small and large files in the same way.

Easy Contact K Offer Backup Service Transfer

  • XENDER File Transfer applications are new to sharing / additionally the fastest possible transfer of data/files to fastest backups from their old any easy transfer and device

Intuitive interface

  • Finally, the XENDER file transfer application is a very intuitive user interface. Accordingly, the username can provide a personal set of your phone device or profile photo. This way, other friends can identify users.
  • Finally, we must say that the XENDER application is a must for all types of mobile and PC users worldwide.

How Xender Works

Some simple steps in the xender file transfer application process. Each time his / her users connect with their friends, mobile data application tools. Instead, it is a special tool for other users to choose to provide your device to connect to Wi-Fi.

In this way, a link to the applications between the devices also avoids any internet connection to use, leaving the application without the use of huge data as a result. Direct connection to each file technology through Wi-Fi access requests via Bluetooth connections makes up to 50 times the transfer, regardless of speed, size, or type.


XENDER: Effective to shift file transmission and sharing of files. Files are especially useful for sharing a group of information together with other people under certain circumstances.