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Soner Kara
1.70 for Android
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Mar 21, 2024
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Traffic Rider This time you get behind a steering wheel to get up to a powerful iron beast, clay, and gas because gas blow (MoD, get unlimited money)! The game has turned on you better graphics and the coolest and there's a car! A delightful bonus as a career. As such, you can buy another bike with a powerful engine!

Features of Traffic rider

  • Race with traffic
  • Exciting levels mode
  • Rich HD graphics
  • High octane racing, fast racing against realistic bike racing
  • Unique race for rails and rocks to test all kinds of fast driving
  • Sound effects cool
  • Choose your favorite color with color options
  • 29 motorcycles to choose from
  • The stunning 3D city environment
  • Leaderboards and 30+ achievements online
  • Quick access increases at crazy speeds!
  • Play anytime, anytime
  • Shocking music and sound effects
  • Real-city model

Mod Effects:

  • unlimited cash
  • Unlimited Gold
  • The maximum value of the set of life
  • All stores were items and active unlocked
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About Traffic rider

Traffic Rider, a really popular sport, because it is so good, an endless game motorcycle race. Traffic Riders Racing comes with a unique concept, it gives you a bike ride feel, the game is full of adrenaline. It's a fun play, and at the same time very easy. Transport Drivers have more than 70 missions that come with Career Mode. The game graphics are very detailed, everyone and everything is very good, and simple. Smoke even more into the game so performance can feel like motorcycles.

It's a nice racing game that you can play without boring them. It is an endless bike racing game in which you have to dodge the vehicles passing highways and highways. There are a variety of modes of transportation drivers, but the best is the career status for the game. I do not know a large-scale task in the game does not like any game is with 18 different languages. Due to the different types of traffic riders will always be interesting, and that is when you get to the full mission that you have different things on time bike different things.

Features Review

Amazing HD graphics

  • The best thing about this game is that there is something really cool and HD graphics. You'll have to drive through cities and highways, the graphics come in very detailed. In addition, there are two different modes of day and night and graphics that give the game two different variants. There is a lot of snow and rain it makes and some sessions in the game no longer look amazing. If you play this game, you will see the beauty of it.

Mod mission with a career

  • Also, enjoy playing how this game is an attempt with career progression game progress mode. This game motorcycle sound recording real motorcycles, it gives you good sound. If you play this game you can find yourself 30 achievements and unlock leaderboards online. The faster you ride the bike, the more points you get in this game.

Real driving motorcycle

  • This game will give you the opportunity to ride a real motorcycle in this virtual world. It has a total of 26 motorcycles and chooses how to unlock missiles capable of playing missions. However, if you are not carrying a mega modern apk on a bike by below and the mission you want to download. The best thing about this game is that you configure the camera angle bicycle while riding. For example, if you first change the view camera viewing camera you want a real bike riding experience. 

Available worldwide

  • In this game, no matter where you are, you can download and play this game, which means supported in 19 languages. In many countries, this game does not play this game on the list of the most popular games you do not have, so it should try again.


  • The faster you go, the more points you get
  • 100 km further drive traffic if the car gets close bonus points and cash
  • Driving extra points and money in the opposite direction two ways
  • Wheelies to get extra points and cash

How to play

  • Tilt your phone to steer your bike
  • The key is to kick under his rival motorcycle and stamp the chicken
  • Boost velocity screen tape indicating the presence of nitric acid
  • Upcoming bikes and cars win extra guests rides
  • The goal is to achieve its goal on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is traffic tab mode apk safe?

  • Yes, the apk file is completely safe, because the server also uses the official version of the game.

What is the minimum version of Android?

  • Traffic Rider Mod APK is running, you need at least Android 5.0 version.

Is this protocol required for this?

  • No need to log in or register.

Do you have permission?

  • Setting from third-party sources only, you need to allow from unknown sources.

Traffic Rider Mod APK is virus-free?

  • We do not host a malicious APK file on the server, it is absolutely safe for viruses or other malware and free.

The Traffic Rider Mod APK Ad-Free?

  • Ad-free Completely Yes, Traffic Rider Mod

Traffic Rider Mod for free?

  • Yes, it's free, so you have to pay a penny for it.


I hope you have everything about the game, the top racing game mode apk the current market board you have. Made from animated bicycle wonderful capable realistic sound, wonderful music, all these works produce favorite games. Once you haven't downloaded, just download this game from our site and set it up and run away.