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App By:
Kik Interactive
Version: for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2024
48.2 MB
Required Android:
4.1 and up
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Kik is a very popular messaging app with more than 300 million active beds. But did you know it was closed near September 20l9? More later Is a 10-year-old messaging app. The students were called by a group of Android, Blackberry, and iOS users with the Waterloo University of Cross-Platform messaging feature in life. It launched in 2009, Lee Kiks kept up the speed and developed a platform that is fully functional. Various venture capital companies are secured to run time grants for more than $ 120 million and it was made to receive a $ 1 billion price tag once.

Special Features:

  • The bypass works 24 hours in 2019!
  • Fake camera detector
  • Thoth built-in boat detector (great angry boats)
  • Detect the things you need
  • Auto disable DM when you join a group
  • Dark Blue Theme from Box
  • Custom card generator
  • Custom Item Generator
  • Super stealth (read-only changes are sent when they are opened, not delivered)
  • Advanced anti-IP logger
  • Advanced Boat System (Style! Bottoms)
  • Auto check updates
  • Pick Modern Detector

Boat Features

  • Thot boat detector
  • Auto reading
  • Auto Answer (Habit Fake)
  • Groups auto answer
  • Welcome message
  • Holiday messages
  • Rinse with all clean water, to promote declining admin
  • Spam - anti
  • Anti-modded timestamp
  • Anti-long names

Standard Features:

  • Fake camera (photos, video)
  • Read receipts to be sent (delivered, read)
  • Inactive type
  • Who seems to mix
  • Command (type! Commands)
  • Media Modes (auto-play, no saving, auto loop, for-one, auto-mute)
  • Unlock All Emoticons
  • Toast behind the reception
  • Drop photos
  • Name scrolls
  • Disabled Kik chat theme
  • Custom bubble colors enabled
  • Custom chat background
  • That Anti-Collection
  • Do not disturb
  • Multi Photo
  • Profile BIOS enabled
  • Group description enabled
  • Admin badge
  • Video chat disabled
  • Hazel Media
  • No bridges
  • And more !!

Add about the reason for the user's popularity behind the kick platform idea. It's a place where you can chat with your friends, and if your friends aren't on the kick, they came up with a boat to be able to chat. A large number of users choose to use Kick Modded Kick.

Kick Offered Additional Features and Additional Functions Modded Version. These functions are not on the normal version of the kick available otherwise. Here are the features that you get with the Kickstarter APK.

Benefits And Loss OF Kik MOD Apk

Generally, Modded application is associated with a look at the main advantages and disadvantages. If you want to try to hack Kick, then here is the best Kick Password Hacker for you.

Benefits of Kik Mod Apk

1. Extra Features

  • Many modded features come with an additional number of applications on the original version. For example, when it comes to a modded KIK, you can expect better speed. In addition, KIK often modded "messages to come in, which disabled features" apps.

2. Beautiful interface

  • Another common feature is associated with modded applications that they come with the matching interface. Some interfaces to applications can also be adapted to the user.

3. Access to pro features

  • Another common feature of Access Pro Features applications is modded. These modded apps come with exposed features so you can experience the whole experience.

Loss of Kik MOD

1. Sensitivities

  • You have downloaded the Modded app from an incredible source, likely to cause malware attacks. If, nevertheless, you can download the app to remove the threat from a trusted source.
  • If you don't like user illegal applications, modded apps are not the best choice for you. In fact, if the Modded apps are not originally approved by the developers, they do not take responsibility for that.

The truth is that those modded applications are not allowed, including links removed. So you can download them and they should be able to use to realize their risks. The information in this article encourages you all to use illegal software. The only information that we have mentioned here is what.

Well, that's best modded our article on KIK for you. You can consider any of the above applications and learn their features. They are very easy if you download the app from a trusted source and use them with a good understanding. However, as a safety measure, it is better to have good virus protection installed on your device. No matter how you use your Modded application or variant, an antivirus can be a lifesaver.

Why should you download Kik Mod APK?

Even if you download the apk file, there are many disadvantages associated with it, as well as many advantages. If you give one of the big benefits you get, modded kicks that you could look at other positions while hiding their position in the hideout. Modifying APK's Most of the con files that you can use to access APK files provide modern issues, it weakens data security. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using APK, so you can make an informed decision.

Why should you use a KIK MOD?

In fact, either intended to unlock their limited functions or create "modding". There may be a better rate with the Modded app, with something so modded that the application can come with a separate interface such as Kick as well as come with additional features. However, as a rule next, we often see mods with a different user interface and with some modifications.

One of the most vulnerable such KIK malware threats is attached to the context of application messages. Especially if you often open links and attachments sent by strangers, the risk of attacks by malware is increased. When it comes to KIK, there are many instances that it is associated with malware. Therefore, be careful to communicate with strangers when you really need to use them.

Your IP address has been used in such cases by some hackers because of the applications used by third-party KIK. Hackers can easily open their malware through a link to open the malware. Some of these links may reach your device as a video or even a game. Some hackers are integrating malware the best way as an accident card. Unrestricted users take these issues very seriously and try to open them. As a result, the device may be exposed to a malicious third party and may interfere with your privacy. The hacking attacks generated by most youths entertain. However, the truth is there are real threats. Some professional hackers hack your phone and steal your personal information. We all know that our smartphones are filled with personal information. This information may vary from your online banking details to your personal photos. Therefore, it is extremely important for any KIK users to take care when opening the connection and system.

However, when it comes to modded KIK applications, you can expect, as well as improved security features and improved performance. Coder took his time and expertise to make KIK a secure and fast messaging platform. Modified KIK programs come with less sensitivity. KIK also defined modded versions of the code to execute. More Kick Hack apk devices remotely click away account as well.

Top 6 Kik Mods

Here is a list of various kick modification APKs with all their features and download link. List sorting is based on the popularity of all modes.

1. Lynx Kick

Links modes popular is probably the kik of change. Attachments Developers develop a group of different applications regardless of modded versions. Some of the most popular mod links are as follows:

The answer is simple, over links remix which kicks all go Apk skeptical mode. This is an all-in-one version of all the other kick modes which all work. It's a list of links offering offers.

  • UI Customization - It uses modern application; you can change the user interface of your kick to your liking.
  • Save Media Gallery - It does not protect all media default gallery folders. This way you can get your media to save files that you get a modern gallery of.
  • Active DND - If you do not disturb or disable the mode, modern use is an option for you.
  • New Chat Emoji - A wide range of new chat emoji to add a taste to your conversations.
  • Read the report - Get a report on who did and who did not read their messages in group chats.
  • Incognito mode - Get a whole new incognito mode for secret messages without having their status open.
  • Twitter Saving Theme Import - With modern, you have the opportunity to export or import adaptation issues.

With these functions, you can customize the look and feel of the order to apply their kick application. Pie kicking mode that you should give it a test drive.

2. Matrik3 kick

Matrik3 remixes the functionality of the same combinations. Here's a list of all Matrik3 functions.

  • Inactive / active read receipts gone
  • Disable Auto-Download Image
  • Disable notifications, typing '
  • Spoiler video live fake camera function
  • Filter out unwanted messages Anti-spam Blocker
  • Messages to be sent out

Users report number Matrik3 does not work on your phone. It doesn't work on your phone, let us know in the comments below.

3.Pie Kick2

  • Subsequent kick modification APK to Pie Kick2 Famous Pie. The biggest difference between the Pi Kik1 and the 2 found may be the fact that "fake" cameras come together later. What makes these functions so fake live video can be broadcast. In addition to fake cameras, such improved information also provides new security options for handling passive messages, forwarding, and notification types.

4. Spirit Kick

  • Ghost-Kick is an extremely light version of the original kick programs. This data does not come with a significant amount of money and kick features that would otherwise be packed with one set.
  • Given the size of this app, it's incredible how fast and reliable.

5. Zero Kick

You get zero chance to find out how to adapt your kick appearance programs. Zero Kick focuses primarily on modifying your application interface users.

These user interface changes include:

  • Change background
  • Edited UI elements
  • Kick Font Swap
  • Primary and Secondary Applications

6. Cryrkik

Another very popular version of CryKik KIK Messenger modded. If you use CryKik, it opens up a wealth of new features for you.

Here's a list of all CryKik features:

  • Fake camera support
  • Boat support
  • Updated UI
  • Updated car changes/smileys
  • Read receipt change
  • Delete this message