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IMVU, Inc.
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Mar 21, 2024
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IMVU Customize your avatar-based 3D social experience with a list and a list of the most 3D worlds and new people. Chat with friends, role-play, and connect with millions of other virtual worlds for free!

IMVU is a virtual simulator games world and social chat. Compared to life simulation it is the virtual life itself, where you can enter the 3D world with your avatar because you want your life as you want it.

Features of IMVU: 3D Avatar

Avatar creation

  • Customize your life and choose your own.
  • 3D Avatar Creator lets you design from top to bottom.
  • The role only meets your virtual life, even though you play strange, wild thinking!
  • Avatar appearance can be changed without borders, style of store-of-the-match!

3D Chat

  • Chat with friends around the world!
  • Chat lobbies allow you to connect with players to work together.
  • Avatar Chat gives you more conversation than instant messaging.

I express myself

  • Chatting With Your Personalized Animated WithMoji Access
  • You have to enjoy the social game for your friends.

Your virtual life

  • Avatar Live is your life what you want it to be!
  • Want to know a love story? IMVU can be a dating simulator for your avatar's love life.
  • Play the role and chat with friends, creating a wonderful story.

Get social and share your #MOOD

  • Items are added to what you can do to people this week and send photos, replacement filters.
  • Virtual chat with a number of emotes, emoji, and functions

IMVU MOD Features

  • All premium features are now available for free to enjoy. All the things you can think of are probably in their hands for a long time.
  • You must have downloaded and installed this app you enjoy applying at the highest level.
  • Now you have no problem only to connect with the world. It's as easy to touch.
  • Not just connected, but to show them real yourself as well.
  • They can be adapted to this app.
  • Now you can share your mood and good. Just a very good attitude and good to take a picture and you go.
  • The app gives you a perfectly good 3D option. Make sure you have a proper device in your hand.


IMVU Destination Connect with common interests and graphical messaging for users to enjoy virtual life. As users begin to create their own virtual identity and enter the game, new people can meet. IMVU platform to make new friends, and connect everything about our players to relax on the beaches of parties, you can meet new colleagues. IMVU has its own economy with two currency systems based on credits (money) and promotional credits (Credits). This gesture can be used to purchase any item from the in-game shop. One object in the game is fixed. It connects people online so that you can have a chance conversation with them and you can enjoy one of the sharpest RPGs out there. An application that is rated for those ages 12+ and under strict parental guidance advice is played by an adult user.

Credit and credit promo based at IMVU runs an independent economy with a currency based system. This gesture game is used to purchase virtual items. These items can be made for pets, home decor items, clubs, landscapes, and fashion pieces of hair, clothing, furs, and other accessories. The game can be very fast, so the game is deemed not working well by IMVU credits. The only way is to buy real loans, which in turn do not make them real money. If you go for the better option, here's to narrow down your search. IMVU Modification APK, which will get you lots of money (free) unlimited credit, and other content for free. Founded a mod Apk, it has everything to do in this game to call it a business, organization, company, or hide things.

IMVU Mod Apk - Meet people in 3D:

  • IMVU has more than 30 million users.
  • Simple big IMVU community people just like to look interested.
  • Have fun and social sharing with people in the virtual space.
  • IMVU Modification APK Cheats [100% Working] Free Unlimited Everything
  • Download IMVU Modification APK Unlimited Money [Updated]

Express yourself in IMVU Mod Apk:

  • Customize your avatar with the largest inventory of digital goods in the world.
  • The person you want to be in this captivating 3D world.
  • Clothing, animals, music, and more - with over 2 million digital goods.

Features Review

IMVU The most prominent feature of mod Apk is that it provides unlimited loans available for free. These credit programs are like an account and they are linked to the IMVU server directive. Some other features of the modern are discussed below.

  • All open

    • There are more than 40 million things in the game and every day by new players. These elements are turned off by default and can only be unlocked with a credit card or gift card provided. There is to be a modern version of IMVU, users just say in-game options. These elements include the latest outfits, rooms, badges, hidden as well as trendy dress-up products.

  • Gift Cards

    • IMVU Modern Apk players can choose gift cards of your choice next 2019 edition, where to go modern menu.

  • Unlimited Credits / Funds

    • Loans are a form of IMVU currency; Make Virtual Money Credit hair, skin, clothing, and accessories are made to buy more items. Before you throw a party, it is important that the amount of dress in a way makes me feel its presence. Mark your attendance everywhere you go by unlimited credit at the IMVU Modification APK.

  • Free clothes

    • Unlimited credit that you will get rewarded with an addition, you can also get free clothes with the IMVU change trend. The task is to have a variety of your wardrobe that you can add to any occasion outfits.

Make some Friends in IMVU Mod Apk to get unlimited credit:

The main reason for this is that a good idea can give you a gift because (unless you are like people). Therefore, to get fun gift friends usually without money or show their avatar, which is usually expensive because others adjust their gratitude. They are disgusting and bad people, but you just can't please everyone to block them.

If you want to get unlimited credits, you need to download the Mod Apk link IMVU. Unlimited Credits You Unlock All | The house will (must click to unlock). If you have a shop (100 or 200 or even 20 credits you can buy anything).

You have a profile that is placed in an individual position, maybe in a few more embodiments on your profile whether you are VIP AP or AP only or VIP only. They also have a private room set up to suit your preference. They also have a pet that you can feed it to and earn free credit.

Passing AP Source Access means that you take off your avatar clothes. If you have a VIP you can give gifts to your friends.

Credit cards in IMVU Mod Apk:

There are 10, $ 15, $ 20, $ 25 and $ 50 cards. Generally, you will be rewarded with other items to purchase these cards. Once you receive a card purchase, it's not junk to redeem the code in your account. It is also recommended that you send an email and they will not accept it under any circumstances.

Get inspiration from others: IMVU Mod Apk

There are profiles or other pictures and this show is awesome, you are doing it because they edit photos, design their profiles div, etc. AVI

IMVU Mod Apk is a source of communication media. IMVU Modern Avatar Apk can look good without a doubt. You have to prepare yourself. Ignore all these unpleasant people calling you "beginners", maybe they were newcomers (that's why they tell you that). Remember, no "novice", seeing other members of the taste, from which people with a variety in IMVU for a long time.

Represent yourself to you, what you want to do. IMVU Mod Apk destroys a fantasy universe where everyone can be, angry ignorant doesn't have to prove their IMVU. Self and you fine. IMVU is a mod Apk fun.


IMVU gives you the opportunity to chat with people all over the world and even connect with them. Share your thoughts with a wide range of emotes and actions. IMVU Love can also be a life simulator for your avatar. Now we know it's better because when you go, try to close it yourself.