Ice Scream Episode 2 : Horror Neighborhood Premium Apk

Download Ice Scream Episode 2 : Horror Neighborhood Premium Apk for Android

1.0.4 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 29, 2024
104.2 MB
Required Android:
4.1 and up
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Download Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood Mod App Unlocked by Immortality Menu. Enjoy this awesome horror game in your Android. This modified version was made live by a Premium Mod application.

Ice Scream Episode 2 Information: Horror Neighborhood Game for Android

Your sister-in-law has an ice-cream seller who sells baby items to a neighboring baby. But suddenly he does black magic and takes the baby away. He then abducted the child in his van. But you've seen the whole thing and you want to save the kids and everyone who catches this horror. Run this horror game Ice Scream 2 mod app on your Android.

Your main task is to hide in the van and solve this evil villain. You have to threaten the meat, use tactics, and be vigilant to kill this evil wizard. Travel through different scenarios and solve the puzzles needed to save the frozen baby.

Note: Before you start playing, make sure you have the courage to experience terror. If your heart is not strong enough, playing is not recommended. It is also not suitable for people under 12 and over 55 years old.


Following an earlier incident in the first episode of the game, the ice cream vendor kidnapped your best friend along with other children. And you witnessed all these horrors because they used some kind of superpower to throw their best friend in front of their eyes. But luckily he didn’t notice you and you didn’t see his existence.

If you're safe right now, who knows when this kind friend will address you, or worse, your other friends? And most importantly, you are very worried about your best friend and you will decide to save him from death. And to do this, you have to get into our creepy ice cream vendor van and follow him on your way.

What can you do in this game?

  • Rod will listen to all your movements, but you can hide and cheat so he won't see you.
  • Record various scenes with the van and learn all its secrets.
  • Solve puzzles to save your neighbor from the clutches of this evil enemy. Action guaranteed!
  • Ghosts play in normal and hard mode! You can do it all
  • Enjoy a horror game without bloody scenes that are perfect for all spectators!

If you want to experience fantasy, horror, and fun, play Ice Cream: Horror Neighbor right now.

Hide and stay out of fear

For those of you interested, Ice Cream Episode 2 offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the awesome game of hide and seek. As long as you keep an eye on the van you will be able to do your best to stay away from bad ice-cream sellers. Make sure you are carefully hidden so he can't see you when you're leaving. The pole hears any unusual noises and if you can't steal you can easily tell by taking care not to make any loud noises. However, it is important that you use your quick torment and your patient to avoid it and deceive him if he tries to contact you.

The interactive atmosphere with lots of interesting elements

As you sit in the van and chase the scary Ice Cream Man to his hiding place, imagine the interactive atmosphere of the game, the place where there are many secrets to discover for you. To do this, feel free to interact with the budget and find links around you. Analyze what you found during the game and start your investigation. Using your wit and ingenuity, quickly discover the secrets and move on. In the following events you will have to complete many interesting puzzles and challenges.

The best horror game

Are you ready to meet the ice cream retailer of the year? Here are some features of why I like it:

  • Heartbreaking story,
  • Strangely 3D games,
  • Horrible noises will blow your mind
  • Uncover the secrets and discover the secret behind the main revelation.
  • Solve the puzzle and save your neighbor.
  • Ghosts play in normal and difficult mode,
  • Enjoy a horror game without bloody scenes.

Enjoy the game with multiple modes

As you progress through the game, interesting gameplay with many game modes and various pitfalls will definitely make the game more fun. Android gamers are told to enjoy themselves in Ice Cream Episode 2:

  • Ghost Mode - Enjoy the simplest gameplay in Ghost Mode by reducing your chances of being spotted and turning your character into a ghost. It was only when you walked that it was said that the pole could see you. This makes the game a lot less challenging for new players.
  • Normal mode - and when you dive into normal mode, you will see that your haunting ability is no longer available. Therefore, every move and decision should be taken with caution and precision.
  • Hard Mode - Plus, for those of you who understand the game a little easier, you can face the ultimate challenges even in hard mode. Here you challenge yourself with a very sharp and fast rod that can detect even small movements. This will make your gaming experience more difficult.

Mod Features

Are you scared to death? If so, run this mod version in which you will never die. For full enjoyment, I recommend not playing the mod version.

  • Immaturity exposed,
  • Mod menu.