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Mar 21, 2024
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FetLife, a fetish, is a BDSM and serves to seduce people interested in the most popular social networking site in the world. It was founded in January 2008 in Quebec by John Baku of Montreal.

Fetlife claims that members share their installations and photographs, as their videos have more than 30 million. Fetlife refers to itself as "Facebook", but you and the kinksters I run.

How we know that the most popular social networking site Fetlife One Share Adult Content is not allowed. Adult content sharing is not available in the Google Play Store in the Android app and the iOS app is not available in the iTunes Store.

But the open-source code released in Fetlife is a good thing (now maintained by independent developers) freely available on Github. You can APK on your Android, iPhone, and Fetlife and download the updated iOS-only app.


Official FetLife Android App, You Can ...

  • Browse your activity feed
  • Discuss with other Kinksters
  • View the profile of other members
  • Upload/upload your photos video
  • Find FetLife events on Google Maps
  • And many other many kinky things ...

Getting Started

You can Android to access the official website or app version of FetLife. All you need to do is download the app via the official website and then install it yourself. Then you create an account to use the website or application. Registration of services and usage is mandatory, and you will not be able to log into the website. The first step is to register an application.

Groups and Friends

After registering, you can become a member and then you can use social network features. Members, when you sign intercourse because they were created to shut down the plant and restore the dedicated group in 2017, you will be admitted to the standard FetLife ad group. Besides, users can also create new fetish that they want. Other members may flag members as friends, but the request is further confirmed.


If you register on FetLife, you can create a profile and fill out the information about yourself. You spend all the time, but it will. First, you need to specify your age and location. How do you say something in this area, so honesty is not necessary, it can be anything for a long time. Next, you should select from 12 different sexual orientations and confirm their gender. After that, you must specify the options by selecting from the list of more than 60 roles of what kind of Aphrodisiacs.

Many other tasks are available for an event at the top and making the place, time, cost, etc. Mail users and other members send a private message comment because.

Fetlife application guide

All participants are one person's profile. Subscribers can have multiple accounts. An age and range should be used, but honesty is not required; There are many people who give "Antarctica" and many who give their age to the 93 "possible" "sexual orientation "option, plus "role" do not apply and also prefer "60".

About Fetlife

The team leaned in and presented the "partner" in the subject or as part of the "strange" account of the partner. His / her account, however, will be automatically written to create partner stories that will be sized without any hindrance. All accounts Other Member Constraints Member However, all participants are default.

That they are "friends" for the show, is an additional partner in the FetLife app for Android users, and so can get more things information (for example, getting groups, friends, what products they create). Recommended friends, relationships always require reciprocal scrutiny.

Members can discuss any kind, photo, or new video created before this participant. Comments can be publicly modified or deleted after publishing.

Such consumers are limited to searching inventions familiar with details such as the age or gender of the participants. If not search by the keyword TTP, they are only accessible through the author's website account.