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Mar 21, 2024
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AVG Cleaner Pro APK is a powerful software for junk removal and your Android phone. Sometimes standard mobile phone manufacturers clean your installed applications. But you know? They are not enough. This is just because you are a good Need for the equipment.

AVG Cleaner Pro Apk Features:

  • RAM Booster: This will automatically increase your RAM and clean. Then you can improve your mobile performance.
  • Remove pre-installed apps: Eliminate space and pre-install applications for power saving promotion
  • More space: Uninstall old files, apps and remove bad or unwanted photos and videos
  • Junk Cleaner is to remove with cache, and programs recognize below is gradually improving the performance of your device
  • Longer battery life: Helps remember cleaner battery function, improve device battery life
  • Saved apps long battery life and mobile data background suspended: Hibernate Apps
  • System Information: Do you know everything about your phone on the screen
  • File Manager Smart File Manager and Storage Cleaners allows you to optimize your Android device to analyze the performance images and files of your applications
  • Junk Cleaner: All useless junk files cleaned from your device.
  • Quick Scan: A quick scan and increase your Android device in the speed of a rooster.

AVG Cleaner is one of the best antivirus software for your Android device. Size and not smaller because it consumes more space on your device. If it is working at the speed of light, you can go with this.

Features Review 

AVG Cleaner Pro has many unique and effective features to improve your device performance. They focus on clean handling, bringing in cash from junk files, and improving the speed of the device. Search below:

1. Quick clean junk files

  • Clean AVG Cleaner The most useful feature to save junk files over system space on memory. To do this, click on the "Quick Clean" button from the main application interface. Then check the items on the system that you want to clean. You can default and "completely clear the" button to exit. After the process is over, you save some space on your phone.

2. Custom images

  • In addition, AVG images help cleaners save space using the maximum of smartphones. You can adapt the instructions to your device's list of all the image files they scan the application system and deep. AVG Cleaner is a powerful tool integrated to reduce capacity but does not affect the quality of the images.

3. AVG Cleaner Pro Clean Photos

  • With this feature, you must click on the "Photo" button on the application interface. While data can be displayed on AVG cleaner smartphone images. When you start the function of the image to optimize, click on the "Review and Optimization" button. It can also make perishable, blurry, bad, or duplicate identity photos. Then, you can manually delete the image library compact and save space.

4. App manager

  • With Average Cleaner Pro, you can see and remove that much RAM, disk space, and network data usage applications. It will also remind applications that are rarely used at the time of last use. From there, you may want to uninstall or release a storage device for these applications.
  • It is also a great tool to close their work with lots of memory applications. This includes background tasks, instructions. It is up to the user to decide to open it again.

5. Battery saver and adapters

  • Also, battery-saving information provides the user with much power consumption activities on the device. From there, you can change some of the limit settings. In addition, the battery profile offers 4 profiles including low battery, home, office, car. These four profiles make it possible for user devices to work, choose what you want to do (a 30-day trial).

6. Auto memory

  • Users can automate, erase devices on the user's car memory system information board allows them to detect unnecessary applications.

About AVG cleaner pro

Android is the leading open operating system. Approximately 75% of the mobile devices market is currently in the process of operating on the system. As an open operating system, the depth of the system can easily interfere with people. However, like the limitations that we do not have, the Android operating system is mentioned. But gradually the low-end Android split between high-end and frequent devices creates after a period of devices. They also produce junk files themselves and slow down the processes of the devices below. This tool lets you hold it in place and increase your device's junk files. Many manufacturers currently make such devices by default. However, they are often not enough. This is necessary because of the good tool. In this article, we would like one of the top applications to insert junk files and use to enhance your Android device and average Cleaner Pro. 

AVG Pro is a utility that facilitates junk files and Android device users to clean up. This app does not produce an average Clean Pro version that can use these free features. But you have to pay for it. We have not put all that known, Or they are just not ready for pay. Thus, we will give you cleaner pro Apk latest downloads in this article completely free. Will just have to display and download, how to install this app.

What is AVG Cleaner Pro APK?

Applications in computers and smartphones, because they run for a long time, create junk and buffer files. What is their reaction? Not only are they a wasted space, but your Android performance uses smartphones. This is the main reason why we use the Cleaner app like the average Cleaner Pro mod Apk.

AVG Pro is a free app fully developed for the Android platform, called APK, commonly known as AVG.

Now, what makes the average Cleaner Pro Apk crack version from other similar devices? Here's a summary!

AVG Cleaner Pro APK plan in operation on all Android devices and all maximized smartphones which are stored on clean junk files and images are optimized, taking up lots of space. In addition, different battery mode suits allow its users to store your smartphone's power device instead of at the store.

In addition, this application has a user-friendly interface and services showcasing lots and lots of devices, incredible properties. AVG Cleaner is so popular that more downloads reach the 10 million Google Play store alone. It also has positive reviews from hundreds and thousands of real users. It is required to pay a minimum fee of $ 1.99 per month for its users.


  • Removed pre-installed apps
  • Optimized device memory
  • Junk file cleaner on a hose
  • Managed
  • Improves smartphone security
  • Running Background Apps


  • Advertising disruptive, but clean interface
  • Average Cleaner Pro is for Android and iOS only
  • Support for customer service

Newly updated Average Cleaner Pro application

  • All New Media Overview Screen - Dashboard Finish It
  • Access image analysis results

Save optimized images for third place

Sorted by source folder media

One scene or all the big video files


Po Free idea as an average cleaner Apk?

  • I will give you the average Cleaner Pro APK Free You can download TI and then run your Android device easily

How To Clean Your Android Device Room?

  • Using this app, you can power up your Android device, and then you can easily delete the junk files and free up space on your device.

How to Clean Your Android RAM Device?

  • You can clean the RAM in your machine with a RAM booster. AVG Cleaner Pro Apk recommended all of the functions you can use for your device. 


There are hundreds of cleaner apps available in the Play Store, but some are useful and true to the average Cleaner Pro. This app is really ideal to use and makes your phone faster. We hope these articles help resolve issues related to this application. Also, you are able to download the average Cleaner Pro mod Apk.

If you find this article useful, please share it on social media sites. Also, share it with your friends and family members, so they can download and protect your smartphone from viruses or unwanted junk files.