Alarm Clock: Wakey Premium Apk

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1.5.2 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2024
47.3 MB
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Download Alarm Clock Wakey Premium App Free Download from the Premium Mode App. Wakey is a weird clock with original ringtones, weather forecasts, and math puzzles!

Features of Alarm Clock: Wakey Premium for Android

This day we always forget what to do the next day, get up late and forget about serious events. To solve the problem, Cookiebytes introduces a premium alarm clock. Wakey is an advanced and powerful tool with heartbreaking design and impressive animations that guarantee you to wake up with a smile.

Smiling sunrise, beautiful moon and weather forecast animations, original ringtones - this is probably the most amazing alarm clock application in the universe. With original ringtones, weather forecasts, and math puzzles, it's invaluable to you. It's important for you to remember early or cold or important tasks.

Why you like it

There are thousands of alarm applications. Why do you like/buy them, do you ever think? I prefer to use it because it has the following functions.

  • This fantastic animation and unique user experience attract users to use it.
  • Extra Alarm Tone: Our original alarm clock is a very gentle rider with ringtones.
  • Math Riddle: Solve math problems to turn off alarms and wake up.
  • Weather Clock Animation: A nice and easy weather forecast when you wake up.
  • Poweron ap: Short naps between 5 and 120 minutes.
  • Holiday mode: To change the time without alarm, all alarms are disabled until further notice.
  • Swipe to dismiss: Smell or dismiss an alarm with a simple swipe.
  • Custom snooze length for your alarm clock.
  • Simple, simple, content-based alarm clock application.
  • Set the alarm slowly to wake up slowly.
  • Set alarms on your device with your own custom ringtones and songs.
  • If you also don't want the option to go to sleep mode, turn off full snooze.
  • Set alarms for location-based sunrise and sunset.
  • Just clear the alarm before it starts.
  • Optimized for the latest Android operating system versions.

Why Wakey?

Wakey is a beautiful and humble alarm clock app with a nice design and impressive animations - guaranteed to wake you up with a smile!

With our smiling sunrise, beautiful moon animations, weather forecasts, and original ringtones, Wakey Probably! Is the most amazing alarm clock app in the universe!

Wiki is a fantastic clock with original ringtones, weather forecasts, and math puzzles!