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Visual Anatomy 2 3.1 Apk latest is a Medical Android app
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Visual Anatomy 2 Education is an Android Medical Android app that you can install on your Android device!
★★Now with some 3D model deals, muscle action films and all the details (OriIGN, enter, nerve, actions). Pronunciation for all anatomical words.
★★Download and install the 1247 Granny Anatomy images on your device and search function for the shape title.
★★ Multilingual Support: English, French, Spanish, and German


Visual Anatomy is an interactive reference and multimedia learning tool. The full version includes more than 500 high-resolution images, over 100 HD movies/animations and over 850 function points that can be interactively selected. Each feature has its own name and a short description. The app also has a search function that can be used to find labels for all the feature points. In addition, 6 multiple-choice tests are included. It can also be used as an anatomy guide.


This app is primarily used as a learning tool, but it can also be used for professionals who occasionally need reminders. In addition, this app is ideal for doctors, teachers, or professionals, with whom they can visually show their patients or students the specifics of conditions, diseases, and injuries.


★ No internet connection is required except to download Y Granny's Anatomy images.
★ Tap and Zoom - Press the button to identify a region, bone or other function by tapping the screen.
★ Muscle action actions to explain the actions of the muscle muscles.
★ Quick Navigation - Switch to another system or limb by selecting the thumbnail.
★ A  pronunciation for all anatomy words.
★ Choice Multiple Choice Quiz
★ Ideal for learning anatomy and physiology
★ High-resolution pictures.
★ Regular updates regularly to regular charges.
★ The term Anatomy can be used as an Anatomy term.


1. 3D organ observation.
2. One of the main classes - muscles. It has over 130 muscles with complete details (origins, insertions, nerves, actions) and covers all superficial and deep ovarian muscles. 3D muscle inspection.
3. One of the main classes - bones. It contains all the bones of the skeletal system, including the ligaments of the small bones and knees, shoulders and ankles in the neck area. 3D skeleton inspection and 3D skull observation.
4. Respiratory system, lungs,
5. Digestive system, liver,
6. Urinary system,
7. Nervous System, Brain, Central Nervous System,
8. The reproductive system (male and female),
9. Sensation (finger, hand, ear, mouth, nasal cavity, nose, tongue, human prosthesis)
10. Communication system.
11. End secretion system
12. Surface composition

How to use:

The user can zoom in to any area with a pinch zoom. The feature point (cross) can be selected by tapping. The Description button lets you turn the short description on and off. For the muscle area, the detail buttons only show the details. You can change the view by pressing the rotary button.
Use the Quiz Mode button to turn the label on and off and on.


If you enter more than one character, the search function automatically lists possible keywords. You can select one from the list. The result is the perspective of the anatomical picture, the label, and the brief description.
** **** Re-download *** to fix damaged pictures **
Please press the menu button (20 icons) in the main activity window ("Download Gray" and then select "Yes".
Then press the gray anatomy icon. The download should begin.
If the download is interrupted, you can reset the download gray setting to Yes.
Response: If you do not have something available, please send me an email. So I am open to suggestions.

What is new?

Fixed download gray images. UI improvements.
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