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сен 22, 2023
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Valentina Summer APK - You get to be Valentina. In the coming weeks, you'll be making choices for her, so please take care of her. She is 18 years old and is starting her first day at the Seaside City Community College today. As you can see, it's near the sea, so you can spend a lot of time at the beach. She lives with her friendly family. She's looking forward to her first day of school a lot.​

Some paths can be taken in this game:

  • Route Boyfriend Love
  • Sam's route Incest
  • Zach's route
  • Lesbian Hannah Route
  • Lesbian Mary Route

This game has animation, and unlike its previous form, it doesn't crash and works well on any old PC.

What's New:

I think you should start a new run because the old saves are broken.

  • +15 Cartoons
  • +205 CG
  • More NPCs
  • Many bugs were fixed, and the maps and methods were changed.
  • More jobs. A nun takes care of a boy.  Friday at 13
  • Confession is a sacrament.  Each day at 6 p.m.
  • Refuge Hotel 21H.
  • Ms. Connor gets a new class.
  • Last sexual dance class, secret path update.
  • Blowjob at the principal's school. Has to skip two days of schooling.
  • Change Zach's path.
  • The Sexy shop has new things for sale.
  • Alien's Route got a makeover.
  • Mixa was almost killed.
  • Change Sam's path
  • Mom's minigame now has more money.

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