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Statmagic PRO – Statistics Calculator 1.3.4 Apk latest is an Education Android app
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Statmagic PRO - Statistics Calculator. It is an Android learning app made by D. Johnson that you can install on your Android device!
With Statmagic PRO, you can do your government homework faster. An easy-to-use calculator eliminates boring numbers and helps avoid common mistakes - everything just makes it easy, clear, and easy to learn.
There is also no advertising or in-app purchases. This means you will be fully functional without interruptions and without Pavel!
Statmagic PRO is the best and easiest to use the Statistics Learning app. Why?
• Simplicity. Statchemics uses a simple and well-known calculator layout.
• Press and hold the definitions. Each input field has a local definition so you can quickly remember what each numeric symbol means and enter a value for it.
• Errors Check for errors. Statomix automatically searches for typos and odd numbers and helps you avoid simple errors. For example, if you select n 30 <and the z-test when the standard deviation is not known, the statistic politely indicates the t-test.
• complete and accurate results. The Statmagic PRO 11+ calculator has been tested to make sure the correct answers are returned in the first place.
• Automatic graphics and diagrams. So you can imagine what was going on. For example, you can leave the Z table confusing at the end - StatMagic automatically graphs the area under the curve for each Z or T score!
• Custom answer rounding. Statecompix rounds out its answers for any number of digits you specify.
• Extensive, yet easy-to-navigate content with simple explanations of data logic and formulas. All developers get one year of state study experience.
O Integrate into a nonlinear learning video, in which the basic concepts of the semester-long state curriculum are explained in less than 2 lectures.
• Static am computers cover all the common topics in the Intro Status class. Each has its own help page and memorable example issues. The calculator is:
• Descriptive statistics (average, quartile, standard deviation, etc.).
• Ribution Probability of normal distribution (with z and t values).
• Average tests of one or two samples (Z, T and Welch tests).
• Another two-sample ratio test (allows type entries for both the decimal "0.48" and the fraction "54/112" page).
• confidence intervals (for averages or ratios that are typical of the full, auto-fill CI formula so you can see how the CI is designed).
• Minimum N of the sample (to measure the ratio within the true or exact error limit).
• with linear least squares regression (automatic scatter plot color out layer and a tool to calculate the approximate Y for each selected X using the regression equation - plus this Y-hat automatically draws on the line and becomes orange to warn you of extrapolation. !).
• The best-designed chi-square calculator out there. (When you enter a number of views, calculate the expected cell and total values ​​as well as chi-square values, and also display complete test results, including significant chi-square and p-values. Processes of 7 × 7 tables are real!)
Learn statistics effectively and complete your statistics quickly. Learn, study and key stats with Statmagic PRO!

What is new?

Now available in German! (Now in German!) It also includes small compatibility and stability improvements.
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