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Nov 11, 2023
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With Eyes Closed APK - With Eyes Closed is an adult visual novel thriller. Storytelling, lifelike characters, and player control are its main features. The game has several sexy plot sequences.

What is with eyes closed apk:

You woke up in a car trunk. You forget who you are and how you arrived. Two corpses lie around your cuffed hands. However, you will soon realize that this is not your largest issue.

Will you survive? Will you learn who kidnapped you and why? Will you discover who you can trust and who is exploiting you?

Only you can answer these questions.

Key Features:

  • Story branching
  • You decide how to tell the narrative.
  • High-quality images
  • The game supports 2k QHD (optional). 
  • Very smooth animations
  • Every animation is 60 fps and available in 2k QHD (optional).
  • Character models of the future

Genesis 9, released in late 2022, is used by all main characters. Genesis 9 doubles mesh density and uses 8K HD. More complex mouth textures and forms, better eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows, less stylized/more natural postures, and more!

well-planned plot

Three years are planned for the game, and the plot is complete. This removes the issues of lack of ideas in the middle of the plot, contradictions, and poorly thought-out elements that can arise when the story is built alongside the game.

Ensures project completion

Unfortunately, Patreon-funded indie graphic novels generally fail. Mainly because people start development without considering how many resources it will cost.

I've developed and released a Steam project with 85% positive feedback and over 20,000 units sold. I know how hard the next one will be. Always follow updated release schedules. I have always kept my Patrons' commitments and published updates on time while developing Going Rogue. Finally, after launching the last game on Steam, I shifted to full-time game production to focus on it.


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