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Night Mirror
r3.8 Part 2 for Android
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Nov 06, 2023
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Rick and Morty APK- as he embarks on sensual explorations in a different realm in an attempt to find his way back home with the Rick and Morty APK.

Not a field for play! Greater and greater scenes! Many ways to finish a lot of runs! A new narrative and a new speech!

One of the most well-known video games available right now is Pocket Mortys. has an interface that is easy to use. As soon as you launch the game, you will fully immerse yourself in the third-person viewpoint of the game world. There are three main screens in this fantastic game. It is an overworld, first and foremost. You can design your primary character's navigation in this view, together with other players.

What Is Rick and Morty APK:

The second thing you'll see is a side-view battle screen. All of your battles will be displayed on this screen. It's a menu interface, at least. You can set up or adjust your Mortys, other stuff, and game customization with this interface. You have to use your Mortys to compete with other Mortys in the Morty universe. Naturally, you should also make every effort to succeed. the match. You will face The One True Morty, the strongest Morty, at the end of the game. Do not fret. You'll get an opportunity to take him out. The strongest Morty, though, won't be disclosed just yet. There are a lot of Wild Mortys around the globe. To catch them all, you can use the Morty Manipulation Chip to your advantage. You can also be prepared for battles with Trainers. These battles are constantly visible and provide you the opportunity to hone your fighting abilities against the largest 5-Mortys group. When you are prepared to engage in combat with a Trainer or a Morty, your screen will change to a turn-based combat screen.


  • It can now be shown in the Scene Selector if you set the Day Selector to a specific updated version.
  • Text-to-speech now operates with auto-forward thanks to the updated engine.
  • You can now enable and disable auto-forward using the "G" key.
  • Text-to-speech will no longer read every message that has been displayed on the screen; instead, it will just read the most recent message.

You'll be able to battle Mortys more effectively as a result. In each, you may be able to select a move for your Mortys during combat. In addition, your Mortys will have struck important targets during the game. Your Mortys will go bewildered when those points drop to zero. You are no longer able to fight till your Mortys gets back his


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