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2.9.0 for Android
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Nov 11, 2023
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UBG Mobile 2.9 Update APK - Legendary battle royale mobile game PUBG MOBILE is one of the best mobile shooting games. It features gripping survival action with 10-minute battles where players use firearms and respond to the call to combat.

Players may explore new modes and maps in PUBG MOBILE, which offers a thrilling survival experience. Players can pick from classic mode, payload, fast-paced 4v4 arena battles, and infection mode.

PUBG MOBILE is intended for mobile phones with customizable controls, voice chat with friends, a training mode, and realistic guns for the smoothest and most realistic gaming. PUBG MOBILE has the most furious mobile multiplayer battles and the most realistic items and gameplay.

New equipment, maps, and modes are introduced often, letting players choose from many firearms and test their marksmanship. PUBG MOBILE has many in-game events for rewards.

A stable network connection and Android 5.1.1 or newer with at least 2GB of RAM are needed to play the game. If your device doesn't qualify, try PUBG MOBILE LITE.


PUBG: Battlegrounds, the cross-platform battle royale game with the most active players globally since 2017, is available on Android as PUBG MOBILE. This touch version gives a gaming experience similar to PC or consoles. If you're good with a keyboard and mouse, this portable version should work for you.

Set the controls as desired

Knowing the controls in PUBG MOBILE is crucial. Therefore, you can adjust them using the settings menu. You can adjust the size and position of every game button, including the virtual movement stick and crouching, leaping, and shooting buttons. When driving, you can choose your controls and activate the Android device's accelerometer when utilizing the gun's scope. Shooting with shoulder buttons is possible on devices like the POCO F4 GT.

Enjoy PUBG Mobile crossplay

Crossplay is available in PUBG MOBILE, however, not everyone knows. Android players cannot challenge PC, Xbox, or PlayStation players. This guarantees equal rights. Finally, using a mouse and keyboard or console can give you an advantage over touch players. For this reason, Android users can only play against Android or iOS players. Even the official emulator players will compete on a separate server.

Experience classic Battle Royale

Becoming the last player in PUBG MOBILE is the goal. These games usually include 100 people parachute jumping to an island. After landing, players must find weapons and other items to combat other players, who will do the same. An energy field lowers the playing area over time, leaving one player after 30 minutes. Play this classic mode alone, in couples, or in four-person teams.

Many more modes and special maps await

Since its release, PUBG MOBILE has added new game modes and maps. Battle Royale mode reigns, although conventional deathmatches between two teams of five players are faster and stronger. Smaller maps than the original Erangel let you play the conventional game with fewer players and faster games. Like the controls, the game's strength is its enormous number of possibilities at any time. Karakin or Sanhok are little maps that are perfect for 10-minute games.

Special monthly activities

Boredom is rare in PUBG MOBILE. Special events occur twice or three times a month. These events often feature custom Blackpink skins, game modes inspired by Godzilla or King Kong, and partnerships with footballers like Lionel Messi. The action never stops. The content you buy during these limited-time events will stay on your account permanently, so you may display it whenever you want.

Loot boxes offer unique prizes

Most iOS and Android games have loot boxes. PUBG MOBILE too. Coins from game completion unlock many crates. Equipment, weapons, and rare skins are in these crates. Many firms, including Xiaomi and POCO, sell special boxes. Gift boxes may offer limited benefits for a short time.


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