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Cozy Computer
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Nov 20, 2023
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Pizza Possum APK - One short and fun video game is Pizza Possum. Your goal is to eat as much food as you can without getting caught. You hide and seek your way through the town with a friend or by yourself, using items and bushes to get around the guard dogs that are watching. The game is a cute mix of good and bad. As you climb to the top of the town, eat the huge pizza and take the crown off of the dog leader's head. Now what do you wait for? It's food time!

Pizza Possum is a cute game coming out on September 28th about a possum who is hungry and needs food. The player takes on the role of a cute mouse living in a world in which dogs live. To get to the dog king, you have to sneak past all the dog guards. The goal is to steal the king's crown three times and eat his personal pizza three times. The plot may look very easy at first, but things quickly become more difficult. Just like any other video game, Pizza Possum is made to be easy to learn but hard to master.

What Is Pizza Possum APK?

You can use many things, from smoke bombs to punching gloves, to get away from or confuse dog patrols.

Reach the throne of the dog boss, eat their king-sized pizza, and steal their crown just because you can.

To get the Tasty Ending, do the crown run three times without getting caught and wear the crowns to scare off the guards each time.

Achieve your own snack high score.

As you walk through the town, enjoy the possum symphony of screams, giggles, and taunts.

After the scared pig and bird neighbors drop more food for you, chase them for a while.

Put everything on the line for one last bite of food.


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