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NBS ReBorn Injector APK 10.1 Download 2022

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10.1 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 21, 2022
9.3 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

As unique as its name is, NBS Reborn is also quite unique in its functionality. It provides all the essential battle features a player needs on the battlefield. Many ML players are turning to this great ML Injector as a go-to option. Due to the fact that it is a new and relatively unknown tool, there aren't many downloads yet. To test out this new tool and see if it works, download NBS Reborn 2022.

Playing Mobile Legends with these tools makes it more enjoyable. A player is given all the resources and other features he needs to be the only survivor. Many players dream of getting paid resources, but the lack of money often prevents them from fulfilling their dreams. Players look for alternative ways to obtain these resources in order to fulfill their dreams.

In order to get an instant victory, they choose the unethical route. Due to their luxuries and updates, these tools are hard to resist. Such apps can get users into trouble, so users should be careful when using them. In terms of gaming stuff, NBS Reborn, just like its name, stands out from the rest. By using this injector app, you can modify different aspects of the game that were previously not possible. Take a look at the following information as it contains some valuable information.

What is NBS Reborn APK?

If you are a Garena free fire player and a PUBG player, you need to use the given tool. In these games, there are countless paid features like Premium packs, illustrious passes, skins, foundations, custom guides, etc. The KuroNew trick ML tool is necessary if you want to unlock free new ML skins in Garena free fire.

We provide many interesting apps here. You can save money by using these tips. Modern society relies heavily on money and it plays an important role in everyday life. Take advantage of NBS ReBorn Injector awesome if you are feeling good. For your enjoyment, we have provided unlimited tools on the website. It's up to you whether you get it or not.

Box Skin has developed this new tool for Mobile Legends. The ML patcher is associated with the NBS Rebron, and everyone has great things to say about it. With the app, you can unlock skins, drone views, cameras, maps, and more. By using all of these features, a user will earn more points and rank higher.

Using the drone camera, analyze the shape and situation of the battlefield and unlock a wide range of powerful and colorful skins. It is a top-quality machine learning tool with many useful features, including 3D Map, Radar Map, and ESP Hero Lock. You will save a lot of money and ML diamonds with this great NBS reborn app.


In addition to offering tremendous dominance and authority, NBS Reborn 2022 has won many admirers. It targets specific areas of the game as well as determining the winning ratio. As you enter the game, you will have a better grasp and control of the situations and circumstances because of the fundamental features of this app. Magical features of the app include the following.

ML Skins

The user can unlock more than 100 skins for different ML heroes without paying anything. All Mobile Legends groups are represented in the featured skins.


To unlock ML heroes, the app has many files.

Drone View

A camera and drone view can be adjusted on this ML Patcher. You can analyze the battleground effectively when you use multiple ranges.

Radar Map

Plan your strategy based on knowing the main battle points in advance.


There is an ESP hero lock that alerts the player to the surrounding enemies before it's too late.

Fix Bugs

The most annoying bug is the Drone Bug Lobby, which needs to be fixed and deleted.


Other features include Chat No Cooldown, Skills No Cooldown, 30 Map View V1, and many others.

No Root

Both rooted and non-rooted devices can use the app.


Users are provided with sufficient security by an anti-ban system.

Light Size

For installation, the app takes up only 5.1 MB.

User Interface

With all the options available on the main screen, it has a very cool, dark interface.

Download & Install NBS ReBorn Injector APK Android

Here’s the page where you can download the latest version of NBS ReBorn Injector APK and also learn how to install NBS ReBorn Injector APK on Android, PC, and other devices.

  • Please note that your Android mobile should have the Android 5+ version running on it with free space in order to install NBS ReBorn Injector APK.
  • Next, since NBS ReBorn Injector APK is a third-party application, it is not available on the Google Play Store. Hence, you require downloading the same from a 3rd party website. Hence, before you proceed with the download and installation steps of NBS ReBorn Injector APK on your Android phone, please navigate to Settings -> Security of your Android device and under ‘Device Administration’ toggle on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • So far so good. Now, please download the NBS ReBorn Injector APK file from here.
  • Wait for the APK file to download on your Android smartphone. Once the download is complete, please navigate to the download location and tap on the APK file for the installation process to start.
  • On the first installation screen, you will get to see the permissions that the application requires. Please provide the permissions and on the next installation screen, tap on ‘Install’ to allow the setup to continue with the installation process.
  • Now, be patient and allow the installation process to complete. It might take some additional minutes to complete.
  • Once the installation process is over, you can locate the icon of NBS ReBorn Injector APK on the home screen of your Android smartphone.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download NBS ReBorn Injector APK?

Apkrings provides a direct download link for NBS ReBorn Injector APK, simply click on that button and the apk file will be downloaded. Here are the list of NBS ReBorn Injector APK update version, you can choose the one you want to download.

How do I update NBS ReBorn Injector APK?

NBS ReBorn Injector APK has an inbuilt update feature. Open the menu and scroll down to the bottom. Tap on the Update the app option to update. If there is no update available for the app then there will be no option.

Should we root the android device to install NBS ReBorn Injector APK?

No, you need not root your device to install NBS ReBorn Injector APK. You have to enable Unknown sources and install the app using the APK file.


These are the unique features of the NBS ReBorn Injector APK and the steps to download the app on your android device and install it with ease. If you have any trouble installing the NBS ReBorn Injector APK, do let us know in the contact page below. We will help you to solve the error/problem. You can also mail the developer of the NBS ReBorn Injector APK if you encounter any bugs in the app.