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Nov 08, 2023
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Game of Evolution APK-  It's an RPG game called "The World Turns into a Survival Game."Desire got out of hand, and people were barely living.

You're pretending to be a college student and living like this to stay alive. You are lucky, though. As people hide and shake in the house.MC was currently taking it easy while walking with zombies. When people are still hungry, MC can quickly and easily get food. To stay alive, people try to please MC. Many love stories will happen to MC. However, great power comes with great duty! MC needs to save the world and find out the truth!

Android gamers will be able to discover more about Earth's life forms and how humanity evolved from a simple string of DNA in the game. Explore and experience mankind's dreamed futures as you begin to confront the ultimate barriers of space. What else will you become as you continue to evolve? The answers can be found in the Human Evolution Clicker Game.

What Is Game of Evolution v0.06 APK?

The game uses a basic yet incredibly engaging clicker gameplay to teach you about the evolution of life on Earth. Choose from a variety of species at various stages of evolution. Begin with a simple DNA chain, tap it to generate coins, and then evolve it into a more complex life form. Alternatively, you may buy another monster. Form two similar animals to create a new monster at a higher degree of evolution.

Fill your region with various animals and provide them with specific care so that they can evolve on their own. Alternatively, mix the two animals to create a new one. The more sophisticated your critters, the more idle or tapping money you can earn. Furthermore, because it is an idle clicker title, players in the Human Evolution Clicker Game are permitted to create idle income in the game without having to play it. Just


All of the fascinating aspects of the game may be found here:

This spectacular clicker title will introduce Android gamers to enjoyable and engaging clicker action for the first time. Have fun playing your intriguing evolution game while learning more about life on Earth. Learn about many critters and species.on various scales. Take the life from the ponds and place them on the beach. To the cities and villages before venturing into the infinite cosmic. Enjoy the unique and exciting clicker gameplay you've never experienced before.

Hundreds of species at various phases of evolution

In addition, to make the game more engaging, Human Evolution Clicker Game players will have access to fascinating and exciting evolution games, beginning with hundreds of various lifeforms that you can field inside your habitat zones.

Furthermore, each individual in your neighborhood will have their own distinct and autonomous thought. Furthermore, if you give them enough time, they will evolve into more advanced animals as a result of natural evolution.

But if you don't, If you have time and want to expedite the procedure, you may always combine different creatures from the same species. This would result in a more sophisticated life form, which is both astonishing and intriguing.

Begin with a tiny pond and progress to the space age.

As you go on your ultimate clicker evolution adventures in the Human Evolution Clicker Game, you'll discover a large in-game region to explore. Begin with a little pond and a few single-cell critters to progress the lifeforms into the reptiles and mammals that govern the regions. Then comes the age of man, when you start living in the wild and forming your own societies. As you develop, a new age of cosmic civilization emerges. You will face expeditions and cosmic powers.

There are numerous upgrades and boosters to choose from.

To make the game more intriguing, Android players will have access to a range of various upgrades and boosters that will allow them to earn more money and evolve the animals faster. Feel free to speed up the in-game processes so that you can reach the new ages as fast as feasible. Upgrade your game to create idle revenue or to access additional animals and environments.


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