FNAF AR v16.1.0 APK

Download FNAF AR v16.1.0 APK for Android 2023

App By:
Illumix Inc.
16.1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 10, 2023
185.16 MB
Required Android:
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The latest FNAF AR APK: Special Delivery, may appeal to fans. This AR game brings horrifying animatronics to life and challenges you to survive their attacks. This post explains how to download and play the FNAF AR APK for Android.

What's FNAF AR Apk?

Illumix Inc.'s FNAF AR is based on Scott Cawthon's popular horror series. This game lets you subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment's new on-demand animatronics service. Unfortunately, the animatronics malfunction and attack you. Use your limited batteries, flashlight, and shocker to survive their onslaught.

FNAF AR projects animatronics onto your environment using your device's camera and GPS. There are realistic and engaging audio-visual sequences for each animatronic. Get parts, CPUs, and plush suits to build, test, repair, and deploy hotwired animatronics. You can send them against friends and other gamers to top the scoreboard.


Make Animatronics

What's cool about Fnaf AR is that you can design your own animatronics. Custom animatronics will help you defeat robots. Personal animatronics are difficult to make. You must explore the region or building to collect pieces and unlock new CPUs and plush outfits. After that, you can build your own animatronics.

Get rid of nasty monsters

Fnaf AR winners must survive or defend against dangerous beasts. They may attack you from any direction and are always ready. Use clever techniques to combat creatures with limited resources.

Additionally, gather extra resources from other sources and employ them strategically at the proper time. Also, preserve your battery and slay creatures with electric shocks.

Fun with Friends Online

If the above characteristics don't interest you, this one will. Multiplayer mode lets you compete with pals and enjoy the frightful game. It's surprising.

Unlocked Features, Unlimited Coins

Five Nights At Freddy's AR hack gives you infinite money to buy anything from the game shop. It also unlocks premium features to battle monsters. 

Visuals and audio

Players are drawn to Fnaf AR's 3D animated horror images. Undoubtedly, the game is fun and intriguing. The sound system is calming and effective. Every move in the game affects the music.


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